McGee Competition Stocks



I started shooting High Power competitively in 1977, and my wife and best friend, Shirley, after lugging my gear around for me all that time, started shooting in 1989! Shooting her AR, she finally earned her Distinguished Badge in 2008! In 2011 she set her third National Record, made the Palma 20, and won the Kansas Mid Range Championships! This last October we both shot with the United States Veterans Rifle Team at the World Long Range Championships in Brisbane, Australia where we helped the U.S. win the Silver! First place was Australia, and Canada came in third. In the World Individuals, I placed 30th out of the 384 competitors from all over the world. The stock business evolved to what it is rather than being planned. We began by developing the thumb wheel cheek adjuster, which has since become somewhat of the industry standard. I always liked laminated stocks, so we would saw, plane, and glue walnut and birch slices and send them to Bishop’s or Fajen’s to have them profiled and inletted. After not being satisfied with the results, I built my own duplicator and built a few stocks for my family and friends (our two kids were shooting at the time – we had a “family Rumbold team”). Before long, our hobby turned into a job to the point where we quit our teaching jobs and now build stocks and accessories pretty much full time! The best part about our transition has been the nice people we get to deal with – now it’s not only at matches, but all the time!