Haas TM-1 CNC Milling Machine for Sale

A like-new Haas TM-1 Mill for sale.  It is an “open” model which I much prefer, as it’s much easier to do your set-up, adjust the coolant, watch the processes, etc. Some models have the big cabinet which takes up a lot more room. The base “footprint” is 41″ wide and 44″ front to back.  Cabinet is 61″ front to back and 52″ wide plus the 16″ aluminum addition I built that I only install when we’re using it.  We took the base off and the box on the top and it went in a 7′ door!  It needs a 9′ ceiling or about a 1 foot by 2 foot hole in the ceiling! It weighs about 3300 lbs.  It is “low miles” – 555:55 hours “cycle time” and 437:38 hours “spindle time”.  Will run on 220 volt SINGLE PHASE!  It can also be used as a manual mill and can also machine wood and plastics, etc.!


Coolant system that you program to go on and off.

15 Cat 40 tool holders ($1,000)

Machine programmed for “rigid tapping”; ($700 extra charge)

Parlec vise  ($550)


You’ll see it doesn’t have a lot of running hours on it compared to the rusty junk in full-time machine shops!

I’ll pay to have it loaded onto your trailer.

Mill and nice assortment of tool holders, etc.


Base Unit Pictures

Special Tooling and Programs: Everything but the milling machine to manufacture cheek adjusters, adjustable butt assembles, and accessory rails

24 CNC programs

31 Cat40 tool holders with numerous collets, drills, reamers, milling cutters, taps, etc. that are used in making these parts.  ($3,000)

1 additional Parlec vise.  ($550)


Lyndex-Nikken Cat40 chuck ($500)


“Soft” jaws and other fixtures for all operations; includes one for profiling the rubber pads with a sanding drum.  No one else we know of does this!

100 cheek knobs ($400)

60 butt rods.  ($240)

Training by retired professional Technical Education Instructor…………….Priceless!

You can also manufacture bedding blocks and scope rails, etc.; they would be simple; parts that you don’t have to fit, etc. are better money-makers!  You can make 6 $20 rails (2 rows of 3) in about an hour.

We figured we paid off the machine (less tooling & material) in 2 years!

Tooling and fixtures and all the “extras” to build all the stock hardware


Specialty Tooling and Programs

Complete system: Includes HAAS and special tooling, and training. Complete “turnkey” operation.


Don’t hesitate to email or call with questions!



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