We stock Berger Bullets, and Lapua Brass. Although, our emphasis is on competition bullets and brass, we can order any Berger or Lapua components desired.

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Stock Blanks

We have many varieties of Walnut Stock blanks. Visit the store for examples.

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We manufacture adjustment hardware for competition rifle stocks – thumbwheel cheek adjusters and accessory rails!

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McGee Competition Stocks

We have retired from the stockmaking business, but are still manufacturing the stock adjustment hardware – the thumbwheel cheek adjuster, three-way adjustable butt assembly, and handstop rails, both Freeland (USA) and Anschutz dimensions. We are now concentrating on our business of being a dealer for all Capstone products, which include Berger Bullets, Berger Loaded Ammunition, Lapua Brass, Lapua and SK rimfire ammunition, and Vihtavuori Powder.

If you’re having your rimfire barreled action tested at the Mesa, AZ or Ohio test center, call or email us for considerable savings!

You’ll find our prices and our shipping charges very reasonable! For our prices on all the components, please send us an email – steve@mcgeestocks.com.

We do still have a few walnut blanks for sale. Most of the ones that are listed on the “Walnut” page are sold, and we will soon be updating it to reflect the current inventory. Click here to shop for Walnut Blanks.

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If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us by using our form. We will endeavor to answer inquiries within 24 hours, but we are still active competitors. As such we are sometimes unavailable while on the road for major matches, i.e. Nationals, Mid-West Palma, etc.